This village rises on a panoramic path between the Valsesia and the Valsessera. Its origins date back to the year 1000, as is testified by the presence of medieval walls and by the urbanistic setting characterised by closet courtyards.

The Parish church is dedicated to Saint Agatha (XVI: in its interiors there are wooden statues and altars, precious because of their engravings and, on a side wall, a sundial stands out. A few meters away from the Parish there is the Vietti Chapel, while In the higher part of the village there is the Oratory of Saint Mary, (the beautiful wooden altar now kept in the Museum of Sacred Art belonged originally to this Oratory).

In Guardabosone there are also: the Natural Science, the House of Ancient Trades, the Museum of the Ancient crafts and of the Agricultural Activities and the "Pier Carlo Bussi” botanic garden (always open; for guided tours: ph. 0039 015 761118). This botanic gardencreated for didactic, scientific and plant preservation purposes, which lies on a hill of 5000 square meters.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna del Carretto (1669-1679) was built outside the village. It is decorated with rich stuccos and frescoes and in its interior there is a precious marble frontlet.

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