Cellio con Breia


Situated on high ground, dominating the entire town is the parish church of Saint Laurence, containing valuable works of art, starting with the entrance portal of 1585.The highly suggestive facade is in the Piedmontese baroque style; the 57 metre bell-tower, built in 1729, is the highest in the whole of Valsesia.

In the village of Bosco is the Jacu Pitu Oratory (Saint James with the little one), probably built by pilgrims returning from their journey to Santiago di Compostela. Inside is a fifteenth century fresco showing the Saint with Saint Dominic as a child.

In the village of Agua is the church of St. Anne with a fresco recalling the battle in 1636 between the Valsesians and the French; while at Tairano there is the oratory of Maria the Protector; in Cereto,the oratory of St. Anthony; in Allera the seventeenth century church of the Madonna dell’Oro. Also in Carega is the parish church of Saint Mathew with frescoes by Valletta; in Merlera is the seventeenth century parish church of St. Bernard and in Valmonfredo the parish church of Saint Gothard which dates back to the XVI century.


Breia is the highest village of the lower Valsesia.

The parish of Saint John the Baptistis important and was decorated with frescoes by Lorenzo Paracino during the XVIII century. The arcades in front of which Paracino painted theBeheading of Saint John the Baptistand theThe four cardinal virtueswere built in 1770. In its interiors it is possible toadmire the "Saviour which carries Saint John the Baptist to the sky”, in an extraordinary realistic position. The marble altar was added in 1834 and the bell tower, started in 1639, was finished in 1642.

Fifteen minutes from Breia there is the parish of Cadarafagno: here are kept some paintings done in 1796 by Peracino and representing episodes of the life of the Blessed Panacea.

Starting from Breia it is possible to do several walks, those which go from Cavaglie to Quaronaand Roccapietra are particularly interesting.

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