Uninterruptedly following the outermost slopes of the borough of Vercelli.

Turing left off the main road at Via Roma and going to the end of the road you get to the parish church of St. Cecilia. Dedicated to the Roman martyr of the II century AD, the parish church was rebuilt in 1601 and restored in the nineteenth century and at the beginning of the twentieth. The church has several fifteenth-sixteenth century frescoes on some of the external walls belonging to the original Romanesque structure (XII century). On the right side a Madonna with Child, St. Christopher, St. Defendente and another saint are shown. Inside, the right hand chapel contains a painting of Jesus, the apostles and the holy women, attributed to Girolamo Giovenone (1490-1555); in the third bay on the left is another XVI century fresco; the main altar in baroque style was consecrated in 1777 and the statue of the patron saint bought in 1895.

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