In the central Piazza Castello there is the ancient fortress, built from 1423: in the castle the donjon, the central tower and the two corner turrets are noteworthy.

From the square it is also possible to see the apse of the Parish of Saint Michael Archangel, previously belonging to the fortified structure. The Romanic church, whose first core dates back to the XI century, was enlarged in the following century through the addition of two side naves. Its façade a capanna is suggestively simple. Inside there is a triptych representing the Virgin and Child, the Archangel Michael and Saint Margaret, supposedly by the Giovannone workshop (XVI century). A massive Romanic bell tower with a square layout completes the sacred building.

Outside Balocco, and proceeding north-west towards Buronzo, there is a right deviation which goes to Bastia, whose name clearly indicates a fortified place round which, in the XVI century, farmers houses were built. The inhabitants of these built a church in a sober renaissance style and dedicated it to Saint Anthony. The small religious building is equipped with a Romanic square bell tower.

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