Alagna Valsesia

Situated at 1200 meters of altitude along the river Sesia, at the foot of the southern face of Monte Rosa, Alagna is the last village in Valsesia and it is situated in the protected area of the Alta Valsesia Natural Park, the highest in Europe.

Of ancient Walser origin, the population of Alagna arrived in Valsesia from Macugnaga around the XIII century and still nowadays the small village has maintained its ancient architecture and structural characteristics intact. The most meaningful testimony of this descendance is represented by the typical walser hamlets, which can be reached from the village centre by short walks on the mule paths, and by the Walser Museum.

Since ever Alagna has been a tourist resort of great interest for ramblers and mountaineers that come from all over the world and engage themselves both in the easier paths and in those which require more expertise: the alpine ascent to Capanna Regina Margherita (at 4552 meters of altitude), the highest refuge in Europe, is commonly done in the summer

As far as winter sports are concerned, Alagna is one of the most renowned centres: it belongs to the skiing resort "Monterosa Ski”, one of the biggest in Europe, and thanks to the several valleys and free slopes which unravels in the precious snow, Alagna has won the title of " Free Ride Paradise”.

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