Alagna - In dWittine

In dWittine

Starting height (m.): 1190

Arrival height(m.): 1596

Difference (m.): 406

Mainly exposure: south

Place of departure: Alagna Valsesia

Time: 1,20 hours

Hut: Rifugio Der Shoppf

In Walser language"In d 'Wittine" means "at remote locations": is one of several hamlets Oubna-Um (top and around) that comprise the territory of Alagna. Easily accessible offers panoramic views of the valley. From Grober's Square, in the center of Alagna, climb up to the village Bonda taking the pedestrian street that leads to the ski lifts and comes out near the Mirellas Residence; here cross the road and take the path that passes through Frazione Bonda takes you up to Dosso. From Dosso continue until the village Piane. At this point, the trail meets up with the ski slope, keep right and take advantage of the service roads of snowmobiles (it is strictly forbidden to walk on the ski slopes!) Follow the road to the huts Alpe Wittine to reach the refuge Der Shoppf.