Alagna - In d’Schenine

In d’Schenine

Starting height (m.): 1190

Arrival height (m.): 1000

Difference (m.): 200

Time: 2-3 ore

Hut:bar ristorante Lo Chalet

The region known as In Schenine (in language Walser "the beautiful places"), is a large flat area, which connects the towns of Alagna and Riva. From the Church of Alagna go down to the main street up to the height of the Giacomolo hamlet. At this point turn left and follow the road that leads into the main road. Cross the street at the height of carpentry and take the bridge that crosses the river, following the direction " Cross-country ski". After crossing the bridge go down the route of the trail, standing on the lane for pedestrians and snowshoeing. The trail leads you to the meadows of Balma, the sunniest area. Past the Balma’s wallpaper you arrive in Balma Village, where you can enjoy the best views of the Monte Rosa and Vogna Valley. Continuing You arrive near the sports center Gianni Severina, the starting point of the cross- country trail.