Cammino di San Carlo - Guardabosone - Postua



Departure (m): 476

Arrival (m): 452

Difference in altitude (m): unimportant

Time required: 1  hour

Difficult: easy

Outings on foot

Period advised: all year

Departing from Piazza della Repubblica you cross the village to the north, meeting the medieval courts, the Parish Church with its beautiful sundial and the ancient wall paintings skillfully restored. Near the Church of S. Cristoforo, take the wide track for Postua (path n. H12). After about ten minutes the road passes on the left of a beautiful frescoed chapel and climb into the woods. From here the trail becomes almost flat, with slight ups and downs, and should be abandoned after a little for a path clearly visible on the right. After a few minutes you cross a road that leads down to a group of houses and at a crossroads, characterized by a chapel dedicated to St. Rocco. Here there is a paved road that you take to the left which descends steeply to the nearby village of Postua, arrives at the Shrine of Madonna Addolorata.