PCV 4: Guardabosone, Borgosesia - Varallo

PCV 4: Guardabosone, Borgosesia - Varallo

Tipologia Mtb

Starting point (m): Borgosesia, 360

Destination (m):Varallo, 460 – Guardabosone, 480

Difference in altitude (m): + 370

Riding time: 1.5 hours Borgosesia-Varallo; 30 minutes Guardabosone - Borgosesia

Difficulty: easy

Recommended period: all year round.

There are two possible starting points for this excursion: from Guardabosone (piazza) or Borgosesia (Cemetery parking lot), and these paths become one and same at the church in the forest in Vanzone. Riders should then go towards Varallo.

The first trail descends to Agnona through the Bocchetto road; cross the road and go towards Isolella, cross the SP 299 road, the bridge over the Sesia and the SP 8 road. "SP” means "provincial road”. From here, you will go up the road to the old station of Isolella to get to the houses in Vanzone and there, you will enter a lovely wooded area.

The second trail goes through the town of Cagi, runs down the country roads of Rozzo and Caneto, and then goes into the woods to meet up with the first path.

From this point on, after having crossed the entire wooded area, you will get to the outskirts of Quarona in the Badia area. Cross the SP 8 road and the footbridge over the railroad tracks. Continue to go northwards to get to the town of Quarona.

After having ridden for a brief distance on SP 8, turn left and cross the innermost neighbourhoods in the municipality. Go past the railroad tunnel again and continue going down the dirt road towards the Sesia. You will go under the overpass of SP 299 and then into the woods that lead to the industrial district of Roccapietra.

From here, follow the signs past the sports pitch to reach the town.

Cross the SP 8 again and take the road for Cilimo where, after 1 km, the signs will tell you to turn left onto a lovely cobblestone road that goes by a few chapels. Then, the road continues out into the fields for a pleasant ride to Pianpresello.

You will descend to Varallo on a road (for motor vehicles) that goes to Civiasco (SP 78).

Signs will tell you how to get to the departure station of the Sacro Monte cableway, and in the process, you will see the most characteristic part of the city of Varallo.