GTA: S. Antonio di Val Vogna Riva Valdobbia Alagna Pedemonte Colle Mud Rima

GTA: S. Antonio di Val Vogna Riva Valdobbia Alagna Pedemonte Colle Mud Rima


Departure (m): 1381

Arrival (m): 1411

Diff. Alt. Uphill (m): 1130

Diff. Alt. Downhill (m): 1200

Time required: S.Antonio-Riva Valdobbia: 1h; Riva Valdobbia-Pedemonte: 45m; Pedemonte-ZIse hus: 1h; ZIse hus-Alpe Venghi: 1h15m; Alpe Venghi-Colle Mud: 45m; Colle Mud-Alpe Valmontasca: 1h; Alpe Valmontasca-Rima: 1h; total:6h45m

Difficulty: medium

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment areas: Rifugio Ferioli (Alagna, Alpe Mud Superiore), Grillo Brillo-Posto Tappa GTA (Rima)

Signpost: 209-208-296-291 (ex 9-8-96-91)

From S. Antonio, you'll get to Ca 'di Janzo (1,354 m) in a pleasant walk through the Walser villages, followed by sweeping curves, you'll arrive to Riva Valdobbia, where a 2-km road will take you to Alagna followed by Pedemonte. Here, keeping to the left of the Mud stream, you'll arrive at the foot of the village of Ronco where the mule trail begins and where for a brief part follows Route No. 209. You need to follow Route No. 208 that crosses the over a wooden bridge the Mud stream and continues up a staircase; once you've passed a cliff, cross the brook and continue on a good path that goes along the rib that divides the stream from the brook; after a short time, the sign leading to left will take you to the cottages in Z'Ise hus (1,627 m). Take the route until Alpe Mud (1,887 m). From here, crossing three brooks, you'll come to Alpe Venghi (2,042 m). Once passed the pasture, you'll enter the head of the valley that is dominated by Monte Tagliaferro and the Corno Mud. Here the path goes to the left, leaving the no. 8A trail and continues on a grassland until reaching Colle Mud (2,324 m). It then enters Val Sermenza, the Valmontasca river on the right and the north face of Monte Tagliaferro. The good mule trail, no. 296, passes through the Vorco pasture (2,075 m) and then Alpe Valmontasca (1,819 m). It then follows down through larch trees and turns into No. 291 that reaches a point where you may cross the Sermenza stream entering the town of Rima.