GTA: Rimella Bocchetta di Campello

GTA: Rimella Bocchetta di Campello


GTA: Rimella Bocchetta di Campello

Departure (m): 1176

Arrival (m): 1924

Diff. Alt. Uphill (m): 748

Diff. Alt. Downhill (m): -

Time required: Rimella-Sella: 20m; Sella-Alpe Selletti: 30m; Alpe Selletti-Bocchetta: 1h30m; total: 2h20m

Difficulty: medium

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment areas: Rifugio dei Walser (Rimella, Frazione S. Gottardo)

Signpost: 548

Head towards the village of Sella (1,287 m) and continue for S. Gottardo. Take trail no. 548, that has a limited slope, until a chapel with a porch and two small streams before reaching Alpe Selletti (1,447 m). The trail follows along the curves of the different valley gorges. Pass Alpe Wan (1,470 m) and Alpe Werch, here you'll find some stone quarries. At an adjacent visible pass, the trail forks; the road to the left goes directly to Bocchetta, while the right goes to Alpe Pianello (1,801 m) and from there to Bocchetta (1,924 m). On Bocchetta, a small cross has been built and you there is a splendid view of Monte Rosa and the peaks of the Valsesia.