GTA: Rima – Colle del Termo – Carcoforo

GTA: Rima – Colle del Termo – Carcoforo


Departure (m): 1441

Arrival (m): 1304

Diff. Alt. Uphill (m): 940

Diff. Alt. Downhill (m): 1050

Time required: Rima-Alpe Chiaffera: 50m; alpe Chiaffera-Colle del Termo: 2h; Colle del Termo-Alpe del Termo: 35m; Alpe del Termo-Alpe Trasinera Bella: 25m; Alpe Trasinera Bella-Alpe Sella Bruna: 1h20m; Alpe Sella Bruna-Carcoforo: 20m; total: 6h

Difficulty: medium

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment areas: -

Signpost: 293 (ex 93)-112

From the church square, follow the signs for Route No. 293, which winds up on the trail to the left and crosses a stream. The route continues in a zig-zag to lessen the strong tendency, wade the Chiaffera stream and head to the Alpe with the same name (1,706 m). Passing back and forth along the stream with its numerous curves, the trail leads to a ridge. Follow along as it continues in grassland, with a steep climb to the Colle del Thermo (2,351 m). At Route No. 112, it descends into the basin of the Trasinera river and leads to the Alpe Thermo (2,081 m). The trail descends, almost grazing, until reaching clumps of wild alders and near the Alpe Trasinera Vella (1,935 m). Leave this pasture, as the trail enters a larch forest always to the left of the stream, pass the Alpe Sella Bruna (1,464 m). Almost immediately, the trail coasts along the Trasinera. Cross over and follow along the grassland and blueberry bushes. Then goes over the river with the bridge made of concrete pipes. Here the road becomes a dirt track that leads to Carcoforo.