GTA: Passo del Maccagno S. Antonio di Val Vogna

GTA: Passo del Maccagno S. Antonio di Val Vogna


Departure (m): 2495

Arrival (m): 1381

Diff. Alt. Uphill (m): -

Diff. Alt. Downhill (m): 1114

Time required: Passo del Maccagno-Alpe Maccagno: 45m; Alpe Maccagno torrente Vogna: 2h30m; torrente Vogna-S. Antonio: 45m; total:4h

Difficulty: medium

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment areas: Rifugio Valle Vogna (Riva Valdobbia, Loc. S. Antonio)

Signpost: 205-201 (ex 5-1)

At the Maccagno Pass, trail no. 205 heads down to Lago Nero (2,322 m), where the trail becomes more pronounced and leads to Alpe Maccagno (2,188 m). Continue following the Camino stream that soon flows into the the Maccagno stream; here, the mule track is on the left of the stream and, just before you reach the Alpe Pioda (1,877 m), it moves to the right side of the water course. Here, you find a greater slope descending to Alpe Buzzo (1,718 m) where it crosses the Rio Cortese, wade across the Rio Tillio and you'll reach the wooden bridge crossing over the Maccagno creek that flows into the Solovo which later becomes the Vogna stream. From here, take the no. 201 trail, which passes over a stone bridge and shortly after reaches the S. Grato Oratorio and the hamlet of Peccia (with the first examples of Walser houses). The mule trail now becomes a dirt road and will lead to S. Antonio with a gentle slope.