GTA: Carcoforo – Colle d’Egua – Alpe Selle – Colle di Baranca – S. Maria di Fobello

GTA: Carcoforo – Colle d’Egua – Alpe Selle – Colle di Baranca – S. Maria di Fobello


Departure (m): 1304

Arrival (m): 1094

Diff. Alt. Uphill (m): 940

Diff. Alt. Downhill (m): 1150

Time required: Carcoforo-Alpe Piovale: 1h; Alpe Piovale-Alpe Selletti:1h; Alpe Selletti-Colle d’Egua: 1h15m; Colle d’Egua-Alpe Selle: 1h; Alpe Selle-Alpe Baranca: 40m; Alpe Baranca-Gazza: 50m; Gazza-S. Maria: 15m; total: 6h

Difficulty: medium

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment areas: Rifugio Boffalora (Carcoforo, Alpe Piovale), Rifugio Alpe Selle (Fobello, Alpe Selle), Rifugio Alpe Baranca (Fobello, Alpe Baranca)

Signpost: 122-517

From the town center, take trail no. 122 which goes through the larches and continues along almost on ground level, until the stream of Passone. Take the bridge and cross over the Passone; pass the Alpe Giacci (1,523 m), cross the Ciletto stream and you'll arrive at the Alpe Piovale (1,637 m). The grassy trail rises with a gentle slope and crosses the stream of Ruse, surrounded by an almost flat, small wall which then climbs a steeper slope to the Alpe Selletti (1,915 m). From here, pass a trickle of water and be sure to keep to the right bank of the river until the Colle d'Egua (2,239 m). The mule trail then follows along no. 517 that descends into the basin of the Baranca, skirting the ridge of Cimone and following the line of the stream, you'll reach the Alpe Selle (1,824 m). From here, descend to the neighboring Colle Baranca (1,818 m), where, taking trail no. 517, you'll pass the upstream of the lake, where the Mastallone River flows from. The path after a short stretch loses altitude, cross the river and pass on the right side of the gap in the rock that divides the basin of Baranca from the pastures below: from the gap, rushes the beautiful Mastallone waterfall. After a few turns, you'll reach the plateau of Alpe Baranca (1,566 m). The mule trail then skirts halfway up the torrent, cross it and then follow along until the Alpe Lungostretto (1,291 m). Follow the almost flat path until the Alpe Catolino (1,252 m), where it becomes steeper until the village of Gazza (1,175 m). From here, head down to S. Maria.