Gattinara Colle di San Lorenzo

Gattinara Colle di San Lorenzo


Departure (m): 280

Arrival (m): 538

Difference in altitude (m): 258

Time required: 0,50 hours

Difficult: easy

Signpost: n. 701

Outings on foot

Period advised:from spring to autumn

You may park your car on small squares nearby the first kilometre of the state road between Gattinara and Serrravalle. Enter a gorge that was once a quarry and reach the riverbed; follow it for a short stretch then climb up to the left of the valley and reach Pian di Cordova. Cross the plateau and start climbing up on the left. The path climbs up and enters the woods to then come out on the square that proceeds the Castello of S. Lorenzo standing on the homonymous hill.