Fobello - Mostra Permanente "Vincenzo Lancia"


ZonaHigh Valsesia

In order to remember Vincenzo Lancia, the illustrious Valsesian born in Fobello in 1881 and founder of the historic Lancia car company, the Valsesia Lancia Story, in cooperation with the City of Fobello, has set up a permanent exhibition in his honor on the second floor of the "Giuseppe Lancia" Palazzo.

The exposition has been divided into four themed rooms, each named after a Lancia car: Augusta, Artena, Astura and Aprilia. The first room focuses on the life of Vincenzo Lancia, the second is devoted to his career as a racecar driver and entrepreneur, the third highlights the Lancia models which best characterize the history of this Turin company and the fourth room is dedicated to reading and features automotive magazines.

The rooms are a collection of documents, photographs, newspapers and objects that tell the story of Vincenzo Lancia, the father of Giuseppe and Lancia.

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