Falesia Ronco (Fervento - Boccioleto)

Falesia Ronco (Fervento)


Gneiss rock wall with more than 100 routes ranging from 4 to 7b, this is the biggest centre in the valley, subdivided into the following sectors: Bocciati short routes on walls and athletic roofs; Spigolo secco optimal rock with roofs, dihedrals, vertical walls leading left and right; Sorellinacan be reached via an ironed out mini-route, a technical wall climb using hooks; Asilo varying climbs (walls, dihedrals, roofs) on optimal crystal rock, suitable for beginners; Peones medium-hard routes, practically always in the shade; Claudio Soldatini with a large low-angle wall, not very high, adherence climb. South-facing, 830m alt. and open all year granted that there isnt heavy snowfall.

Approach: a few mins walk along an easy path which leaves from Fervento.