The church of Saint Peter rises in the cemetery situated on the margins of the town, with all the beauty of a national monument. It was built in the XI century.

At the beginning of the XIII century, abandoned and heavily damaged, it was used as shelter by the knights coming from France and directed towards the Holy Land during the Crusades; next it was recovered. In the interior the main alter is enriched by a 1439 painting of the Virgin with the Saints Peter and Paul.

The parish of the saints Peter and Paul (1732 – 1752) is of very different proportions: it is situated in the centre of the village, on the edge of the main square. The internal frescoes and the external part of the bell tower have been recently restored. Another important legacy from the past is the church of Saint Martin, which dates back to 1256. There are four frescoes from the XVII century which are important and a note worthy choir enriched with a wooden baroque composition showing the Last Supper.

At the extreme borders of Tronzano stands a little church called "del Molinetto”, the origin of which is unknown: recent renovations have brought it back to its old splendour.Another renovation work was the church of Saint Gratus in Salomino which conserves the simplicity of a small country church.

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