Alice Castello

Alice Castello was a very frequented area in the Longobardic epoch, as testified by some archeologically finds coming from Longobardic warrior gravesdiscovered in the town territories in 1893 and in 1991.

In addition to the Saint Germain of the Arborata church, documented since the Middle Age, there isthe Parish church(1745-1767): dedicated to Saint Nicolas (Saint Nicholas of Bari), it dominates the landscape. Its façade is made of fired ceramic. It has a longitudinal layout, with two side chapels. In the left one there is a Crucifix from the XVIII century, a precious inner door and four confessionals made of carved wood. The bell tower, definitively older, was built between the end of the XII and the XVI century.

Besides the Parish there is the Church of the Brotherhood of the Immaculate Conception Disciples, dating between XV and XVIII century. Inside the Parish, above the altar, there is aVirgin and Child, Saints and Disciples, supposedly painted by the Giovenone workshop (XVI century). Behind it there is an Our Lady of the Assumption with disciples.

The hill on which the Parish is built was probably surrounded by an ancient castleof which a few remains are still visible: the entrance arch and parts of the walls, dating back to the XII century, but rearranged several times.

On the road which goes towards Cavaglià there is the Church of the Fabian and Roch Saints, where some frescoes of XVI century have been rediscovered.

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