The dedication of the parish to Saint Michael makes one hypothesise about the likely longobardic origins of the village.

The parish of Saint Michael was founded in an unspecified epoch; we know that it was demolished at the end of the XVI century and subjected to various phases of reconstruction.

The façade is built in the baroque style and develops horizontally. It is divided into five sections by pilasters and decorated by recent paintings. In the interior there is a beautiful baroque pulpit carved in wood.

In the village you can also find the churchof Saint Martha with the chapel of the Holy Sepulchre, the object of fervent popular devotion, where the Deposition of Jesus is kept, a group of sculptures in terracotta. In front of the town hall building there is the Monumento ai caduti (Monument to the fallen); there is also the ancient remains of the castle, where the small chapel of Saint Julianawas built.

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