San Giacomo Vercellese

This village was created in very ancient times from the aggregation of a few farms situated along the left bank of the Sesia river.

The parish of Saint James is very important. It was built in the first half of the fifteenth century.

It was modified several times during the following centuries: the choir, the arcades and the renovation of the façade and of the right nave date back to the nineteenth century. In the right nave it is possible to see the altar dedicated to the Virgin of the Rosary. The left nave, where it is possible to admire the altar of the souls, was instead built in the twentieth century, together with the baptistery and the vestry. The central nave is particularly interesting because of the frescoes which decorate the barrel vault, the most ancient part of the building.

Near the church there is the parish house, built in 1837. It is considerably big and on the upper floor there are arcades which go along the whole building. These are luckily well preserved and beautiful.

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