The primitive village rose on the banks of the Marchiazza river and only in 1170, on request of the count Alberto, son of Giovanni di Biandrate (, the rock which now represents the original centre of the castle was built. This is situated in the centre of the village, in a slightly elevated position and is made of bricks, some of which with black shadings due to the cooking technique employed. The two last floors of the tower are instead covered with white mortar.

Originally the castle was bigger; in 1734 the old square dungeon situated inside the internal courtyard was destroyed. Nevertheless it is still possible to see some original windows and the remains of an ancient fresco, of the drawbridge defences and of the postrela along the entrance corridor.

The chapel became a parish in 1653 and was dedicated to The Assumption of Mary. The original chapel was further enlarged towards the end of the XVII century, when a round apse and two side naves were added. The perimeter walls were instead built and decorated with arches.

Not far from the Castle, a Castle was built at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the dei chiusi region, instead, there is the Oratory of the Little Madonna, a worship place extremely important for local inhabitants.

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