Situated on the right side of the mountains, this village is an original example of urbainistic and architecture which respects the local environment: the town hall is made of several hamlets positioned on a particularly steep ground. Several roads are made of long flights of steps and every corner of the village seems a terrace.

In the oratory "alla Piana”there are considerably worthy works of the fifteenth century. The oratory of Saint Roch was instead built in 1630 as a thanksgiving for the liberation from the plague which, during that century, affected the Valsesia.The oratory "della Neve” or "delle Giavinelle”is a precious example of the architectural art of the seventeenth century.

The walk to Pizzo Tracciora (1917 meters) is ideal both in the summer and during winter, when it can be reached with rackets or with mountain skis.

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