Amongst the worship places which can be visited in Ronsecco, it is worth seeing the Parish of Saint Lawrence Merthyr. This was built to its existing shape around the year 1350, whilst its choir dates back to 1775. The building was totally restructured during the nineteenth century, and its interior was decorated by the painter Grosse.

At the two ends of the village there are two oratories Saint Sebastian and Saint Roch.In the hamlet of Lachelle there is instead the chapel of Saint Ignatius.

On the road which leads from Ronsecco to Lachelle there is the Sanctuary of the Virgin of the "Viri Veri”, which dates back to the XIV century. On the external perimeter of the church there are arcades which were probably added during the eighteenth century, whilst the façade pediment is decorated with a fresco painted by Saletta di Casale in 1766.

Every year in this sanctuary a religious tradition which originated in 1867 ( when a terrible epidemic of cholera attacked the population)is perpetuated.

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