The village is still one of local gastronomic and handicraft traditions: preparation of local recipes, wood and white marble manufacturing are the most important ones.

Rassa is also well known for its blueberries; during the month of august it is possible to taste up to 42 different types of aromatic liquor at the long-awaited Blueberry Festival. These can also be purchased all year round at the local tourist office.

According to some testimonies the church dates back to 1300. As a matter of fact it seems that an old family of Val Sesia had an oratory built to honour Saint Maiolo. Nowadays no traces of it are left. The Parish Church of the Holy Cross has some frescoes of the eighteenth century and some works of Orgiazzi.

This area is rich in pastures and ideal for trekking. The walks leading to Becco della Guardia (1817 meters), the Pizzo (1704 meters) and the Picco di Loranzolo (1728 meters) are very interesting.

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