Quinto Vercellese

This is a small village but it is very important from the historical and artistic point of view.

With Roman origins, in Quinto Vercellese it is possible to admire one of the most significant examples of Romanic-gothic art in Piedmont: the parish of the Saints Nazario and Celso.

Its façade, the central sector of which is pre-Romanic (X century), was enlarged in two different times. The left part in the Romanic period and the right one in the gothic period. The renaissance portal was rebuilt. Near it there is a stoup of the same period and it is surmounted by a mullioned windows with three lights, which originally was a rectangular window and on the sides of which it is possible to see two blind windows made of tuff. The frescoes inside the church are of considerable interest. The church is made of recycled materials (bricks, fragments of decorated roman marbles, river stones) with a herringbone disposition. Originally there were three steps on the entrance.

The castle of the Avogadro family (XII-XVI centuries) is majestic. It has a quadrangle layout and two tall cylindrical towers on the corners (XIV century.) and a quadrangular tower (XIII century) at the entrance. The castle chapel is of the late Romanic period and is decorated with frescoes from fifteen hundred, In the surrounding area there are houses from the fifteenth century.

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