The Benedictine monks built a castle (probably between 1142 and 1398), which was enriched by Federico Borromeo. The features are typically from Piedmont, with its external cylindrical corner towers. Its purpose must have been mainly agricultural and not military or defensive. The castle culminates in a quadrangular independent tower, surmounted by two pointed turrets

The parish of the Assumption was certainly widened in the same period during which the reconstruction of the castle was carried out. In 1628 Borromeo built the new baroque church on the foundations of the Romanic church. This was modified again in 1750. The parish has a neoclassical style façade and columns with Corinthian capitals, which support the tympanum. In the interior, divided into three naves, there is a painting of the Assumptionby Rinone and a painting of the Souls of Purgatory by Beaumont.

The Church of the brotherhood of the Saints Charles and Grato stands at the entrance of the village (1763). It has a façade in full classic style; inside the niches there are the statues of Saint Carlo Borromeo and Saint Grato. In the interior, which is characterised by typical influences of the Piedmont’s rococo, it is possible to admire in the apse the picture of the Virgin with child, the Saints Charles and Grato and their brotherhood.

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