This village,which has probably Celtic origins, is made of different hamlets surrounded by vast fields and thick woods.

The Parish of the Assumption, built around the middle of 1600, has precious wooden baroque altars and Vallari frescoes. The Sanctuary of the Madonna Addolorata is also well known, whose origins date back to 1563.

It is also worth mentioning the Church of Saint Martha and Saint Bernardino, The Oratory of Saint Agatha and Saint Roch, the Church of Saint Lawrence on the Mounts and the church of Saint Gothard in the Riva hamlet. From the Roncole hamlet starts the path for Noveis, a mountain pasture amongst the most beautiful of the area.

In addition to the Museum of Sacred Art located near the Parish House, Postua hosts a Permanent Exhibition that tells the story of a band of partisans by means of pictures of the places and the people involved.

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