There are no remains of the castle, or of the old parish. The existing S. Eusebio church, rebuilt in 1833-34 is the work of the architect Antonio Malinverni.

The only original remains of the Roman church is the external bell tower, as the upper part was rebuilt in 800. It has a rectangular layout; the interior, on a Greek cross layout, is divided into three solemn and majestic aisles, with a dome on 10 pillars. The transept is decorated with frescoes.

The S. Anna brotherhood church of the fourth century was rebuilt in XVIII century. Inside the church it is possible to admire the via cruces painted by Carlo Martini, a baroque alter and the shrine with a sculpture representing the Ecce homo in embossed copper.

At the end of the road which leads to the cemetery stands the Saint Maria delle Grazie Sanctuary, rebuilt in the second half of the XVI century. In its interior there are two tables which represent Piety and the Deposition of Christ.

Near the village there is the church of Santa Maria della Bona, where the old fresco of the Virgin of the milk is kept.

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