The little square opposite the parish of Saint Germain is very suggestive, framed by the little churches of the brotherhoods of the Holy Trinity and of the Angels. The parish façade is divided into three parts, reflecting the internal division into three nave. In the north pilaster a feminine bust is walled up. This is part of a funerary stele of the roman epoch.

In the interior, above the first alter of the southern nave some marble inlays represent the Descent of the Holy Ghost on Mary and the Apostles, whilst in the next one there is a painting by Gugliemo Caccia, named Moncalvo, representing Saint Anthony of Padova which embraces the child Jesus. In the northern central nave there is a beautiful statue of Our Lady of the Sorrows.

Faced onto a little square is the church of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul, now de - churched , whilst further north, under the low arcades, it is possible to see the little church of Saint Joseph. On the outskirts of the village there is a church dedicated to the Annunciation.

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