Borgosesia is situated along both the banks of the river Sesia and enjoys both a hill and a mountain landscape.

There are several testimonies of the interesting historic and artistic past of this centre of the Valsesia. One example is the Parish dedicated to the Saint Peter and Paul: in its interiors there is an altar piece of Bernardino Lanino, frescoes of Tanzio da Varallo and of other local artists of the Gaudenzio school.

In the main squarethere is also the Church of Saint Anthony (XV – XVI centuries). Other religious buildings are the Church of Saint Martha ( XIII century), the Oratory of Saint Bernard and the Oratory of Saint Gratus.

The historic centre maintained the characteristics of the ancient village. It is pleasant to walk along the typical roads and the very busy squares, rich with shops and bars and restaurants or else to walk in the Public Gardens and in the Magni Park, which lays on the left bank of the River Sesia.

To the south of Borgosesia, on a small hill which dominates it, there is the seventeenth century Sanctuary of Saint Anne of Montrigone (1648), also known as the "Small Sacro Monte. The ramps of the hill are separated by thirteen aedicule representing the stations of the Cross, painted by Lorenzo Paraciono. On the top of the hill there is the church: inside there are plastic groups of Giovanni d’Errico and of Giacomo Ferro, representing episodes of the life of the Virgin Mary.

Noteworthy during the visit to the town centre are the Folklore and Ethnographical Museum of Valsesia (at the moment closed for restoration and restructuring) and the Archaeology and Palaeontology Museum, which looks after the pre-historic remains discovered on the Fenera Mountain, situated in a Natural Park.

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