This small community, which probably has Longobardic origins develops on the area between the canal Cavour, the Elvo, the Cervo and naviglio of Ivrea.

In Pajetta square stands a fountain with a bronze monument dedicated to Airone,a species widespread in the wet river environment and in the rice fields, and typical of the plane of Vercelli.

Continuing along the road there is the parish of SS. Quirico and Giulitta: of medieval origins, it was heavily modified over the course of the centuries, until in 1880 when it was widened and equipped with a choir. The façade is of a classic style and the inside contains cross shaped pillars with barroch style stuccoes. On the second span on the left there is fresco representing Mercy, probably done in the XV century.

On the left side of the church it is possible to see the remains of the ancient Avogadro Castle, which probably dates back to the XII century. These consist of a small square tower, some bifidi merlons and the eastern part of an external wall, which is nowadays incorporated in a colonica house.

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