Motta de' Conti

This village was founded towards the end.

The decaying castle has original structures of the XIII and XIV century. The most interesting part is the western one, where fired ceramic frames can be seen. A local legend says that the castle was connected to the territory across the river Sesia by a long and mysterious underground passage, inside of which a wonderful treasure was supposed to be hidden.

The parish, dedicated to Annunziata, dates back to the thirteenth century. The façade is very simple, and the supporting structures are made of bricks, the material of which the high bell tower is also made.The interior is adorned with five alters, the first one on the right shows the mystical wedding of Saint Catherine, painted by B. Lanino. Recently ancient fresco traces have been recovered, pobably belonging to the ancient Chapel of the Counts of Motta.

There are a good six Votive chapels in the Motta area: Saint John the Baptist, made in a very simple style; SS. Fabiano and Sebastiano, (1597); S. John the Evangelist (1682); the chapel of S.Maria Assunta it is the oldest and was already certified in 1570; the very small Saint Rochwith its graceful façade; in the Mantie hamlet there stands the church of Saint Roch.

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