The first documents relating to this village date back to the XII century but the centre is probably from the roman era given the small finds discovered in the areas.

At the parish of Saint Germain you can admire a series of astragals depicting some saints; a 1959 stain glass window depicting Pope Pio XII; a chapel dedicated to the crucifix built in memory of the visit of S. Bernardino from Siena, and in front of it the chapel of the Virigin of the Rosary. On the wall at the end there is an altar piece of the laninian school depicting the Virign amongst the saints.

Only the entrance tower remains of the ancient castle of Lignana, whilst the structure has been converted into a farm. 5 km from the little town stands Cascina Veneria, the biggest rural centre of Vercellese where "Riso Amaro” was made, a film by the director Giuseppe De Santis. Also the parish of the Casalrosso hamlet is worth a visit. Here a precious pulpit with frescoes is kept.

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