This agricultural centre rises on the right bank of the river Sesia and it is very interesting from the historic and architectural point of view. The remains of the fourteenth century Castle are still visible. This was once used to defend a monastery of Benedictine nuns. Its urbanistic structure, halfway between the stronghold and the castle, defines the village as a kind of "religious fortress”.

The ancient Strongholdwas strictly connected with the castle. Some of its remains are still visibile near the Parish of Saint Olimpio, a reconstruction dating back to the end of the XVII century of the preceding Parish of Saint Peter, of which only the big Romanic apse is left. In its interior there are frescoes of Peracino and, under it, the Crypt of Saint Biagio, part of the previous parish.

Another religious building, situated on the side of the parish, is the Church of the Brotherhood of Saint Catherine.Outside the village there is the Parish of Saint Steven, which was the first parish of Lenta, and the Church of the Virgin of the Fields, probably dating back to the XI century.

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