This small centre depended for a long time on Crescentino and it was only in 1571 that it managed to become an independent parish; the Church of Saint Bernarnd, to which the village’ souls were entrusted, had been built in 1566 in the same location of an older stronghold.

The Parish was restructured several times. In its interiors there is the reliquary of Saint Bernard, dated 1738, and made in Turin, whilst the statue of the Virigin of the Rosarycomes from the Augustinian convent of Biella, from which it was purchased in 1801. The painting representing Sant’Orsola, positioned on the altar with the same name, is attributed to Moncalvo or, in any case, to his school.

The chapel of the Virigin of Loretodates back to 1650 and its peculiarity is to be built on a bridge over the Lamporo ditch; the nearby Saint Roch chapel dates back to the XVII century. Finally, near the parish, there is the small church of the Brotherhood of the Beata Vergine del Suffragio, built in the first half of 1700.

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