Centre of agriculture and of high quality production and seed rice.

Greggio was an ancient abbey fiefdom situated near the Cavour channel, connected with the benedictine abbey of the Saints Nazario and Celdo, from which depended also the original parish of Saint Stephen. Among the main testimonies of the past is the big Castle-stronghold (1550), nowadays used as a farm. This presents some noteworthy traces, such as the original river stone herringbone wall, the preciious medieval windows and the low cylindrical towers, which are visibile even from the main road.

Not far there is the Parish of the Saints Quirico and Giulitta, which was the ancient church of the noble families, later opened also to the village inhabitants. In its interiors there are two interesting paintings from the XVI century: a frescoed lunette representing Saint Mary of the Graces probably painted by Bernardino Lanino (1512 – 1582/83) positioned at the end of the left nave and, in the short, fresco which is detached and applied on wood, a Virgin Suckling the Child, again attributed to the school of Lanino.

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