Fontanetto Po

An important town on the borders of the province of Vercelli and the birthplace of the musician Giovan Battista Viotti (1755-1824).

The oldest part of the town is certainly around the present-day church of St. Sebastian. It dates back to the IX century but later remodelling turned it into one of the jewels of Romanesque-gothic architecture in Vercelli. Returning towards the centre, along via Viotti (where the birthplace of G.B. Viotti, marked by a plaque is situated) on the right one comes to the church of the Holy Trinity: inside is the Nativity of Jesus, attributed to Guglielmo Caccia known as Moncalvo and a painting showing Saint Ursula, by Orsola Caccia. The sculptural composition showing the Deposition of Jesus from the Crossis of particular interest, initially one of the first series of sculptures of the Chapels of the Holy Mount of Varallo.

Beside the church of Holy Trinity is the ancient Collegiate of the Ursuline Sisters, while opposite the church is the parish church of St. Martin, built in the Norman style. Of the ancient foundations the sumptuous bell tower in Romanesque normanic style standing 56 metres tall, still remains. The interior contains valuable, seventeenth century liturgical furnishings in carved wood.

Old Mill

The Old Mill – Rice-mill of San Giovanni, after terminating its productive life in 1992 was made part of the Ecomuseum of Terre D’Acqua.

Today, the rice mill still offers an opportunity to discover the old methods of processing rice, offering interesting guided tours of the building during which you can admire the old machinery working solely on the power of the water and learn about the variety and number of stages leading to the production of what is still today one of the most important products of the Vercelli plains.

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