According to historians this is the oldest borough of the Val Mastallone, as well as being its central parish. It was also the birthplace of illustrious families who figured in the history of Valsesia and Piedmont such as Bogino, Bottone and Alberganti.

Once highly populated, today it still contains many villages and extends over a vast area from the Gula bridge to Rimella bridge.

The Parish church dedicated to the Virgin Assunta was realized in the XV century and consecrated much later in 1551; in the baroque era it was enlarged and modified, on the facade is a large fresco showing Saint Christopherwhich dates back to 1635. Inside are two important wooden altar pieces: of the Madonna of the Rosary (1648) and the Madonna del Carmine (1656), and an attractive sixteenth century tablet by Giulio Cesare Luini, the pupil of Gaudenzio Ferrari.

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