Linked to the fate of Vercelli, with which it shared the exchanges of dominion in the course of the centuries, for years it was the Ghibelline fortress of the Abbey of St. Andrew in Vercelli.

From a historic-artistic point of view the town offers the chance to visit the parish church of St. Martin, containing frescoes by Morgari, and that of the centrally located oratory of Saint Catherine, a treasure chest of frescoes by the Vercelli school, such as the Life of St. Catherine or the Madonna with Child attributed to the hand of Bernardino Lanino.

Leaving the town and heading towards the outlying hamlets one comes across other treasures which are well worth visiting. In the village of Salettais the neo-classical Church of Saint Bartholomew, containing frescoes of the Lanino school such as theEnthroned Madonna with two Angels, Saint Bartholomew and Saint Sebastian.Nearby is the little temple of Saint Sebastian, also in neo-classical style, while the village of Torrione is home to the more modern church dedicated to the Birth of Mary.On the road connecting Costanzana to Desana is the Sanctuary of Holy Mary of the Graces.

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