Of the centuries of history of Cigliano neither the ancient castle nor the walls remain; destroyed by the fury of the Spaniards. The most important monument is the bell-tower(XVIII century) standing forty metres tall. Traditionally its design has been attributed to the architect Filippo Juvarra who in those years was embellishing Turin and the Savoy kingdom.

A short distance away is the imposing parish church of Saint Emiliano, spacious and harmonious, with baroque and neo-classical forms; the facade dates back to a reconstruction during the Fascist period. Inside are two medallions of the Lanino school: a Nativityand the Liberation of Peter. Another important painting by Federico Pastoris, celebrates, amid the cherub angels, TheGlory of Saint Emiliano. The organ, made by the Serasi brothers, is particularly valuable.

The church of Saint Defendente situated in piazza Cavour is older, dating back to 1643. It has a splendid

brick facade in Piedmontese baroque style and is flanked by a bell-tower. The inside, with one nave only, is rich in Baroque stuccoes and decorations and contains a valuable Deposition attributed to Gaudenzio Ferrari.

The church of the Confraternity of Saint Catherine (end XVI century) is of artistic and historic interest. Inside is the painting depicting la Pietà, attributed, although not definitively, to the group of Daniele Crespi, pupil and assistant to Moncalvo.

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