Casanova Elvo

This small rice-growing town was, in the past, an ancient Roman castrum.

The remains of the Castle (XII sec.) and its medieval ruins are visible once one arrives in the middle of the town, proceeding along via Gramsci: the quadrangular building with its inner courtyard, although considerably changed, boasts an important fifteenth century tower as well as the ruins of an ancient fortification, of which part of the cylindrical tower remains today.

At the end of via Gramsci opening onto the right is the square with the parish church of St. Martino, rebuilt in 1694 and restructured once again in 1905 in a neo-gothic Lombard style. On the bell-gable facade where one may observe a single light window with three-lobed arch and a small rose-window in terra cotta are two spires, set on twin battlements acting as a plinth, to the front on the right the slim medieval bell tower rises up with single light, twin light windows and a cusp surrounded by pinnacles.

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