This town probably derives its name from the gens romanaCarisia, who was the owner of the property in Roman times.

Right on the edge of the village there was a medieval castle, of strategic importance during the battles of the Guelfs and Ghibellines between the XII and XIV centuries and for this reason deserving of proper restoration. Still in the locality of Carisio, in the village of Nebbione is another Castle, situated on high ground and composed of two main sections. The one to the west has an entrance tower equipped with structures for a drawbridge, revealing the defensive function which this part of the construction must have had. In the village of S. Damiano there is another fortified complex, currently the property of Valperga of Masino. On the outside to the east several eighteenth-nineteenth century frescoes can be seen.

Still in Carisio, it’s possible to visit the parish church of St. Laurence, rebuilt in 1800 over the XV century remains and with the addition of a gothic bell-tower with pointed twin light windows.

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