This picturesque locality composed of almost 30 villages was the favourite destination of an elite tourism over the last century which has left its mark mainly in the villas; it was also the birthplace of various famous figures among whom, Vincenzo Lancia, the famous Italian car manufacturer.

Fobello is part of the Upper Valsesia Natural park and provides many opportunities for excursions: Alpe Sasso San Giovanni, Alpe del Cadone, Alpe del Cortese, Alpe Solivo, Alpe Dorcie and the Colle d’Egua following the GTA itinerary (Grand Tour Des Alpes).

The parish church of Saint James (completely rebuilt in 1931) was constructed in 1545; it contains various valuable works such as XVI and XVII century tablets, an inlaid choir and stained glass. Near the Church the ancient Oratory of the Visitation contains a polyptych of 1585.

This small town is also home to three small but important museums: the permanent "Vincenzo Lancia "exhibition, the permanent petit-point exhibition and the Carestia – Tirozzo herb collection.

Recently opened, the bakery of "Vulaiga” which supplies many of the shops in the Valley is not to be missed if you want to try some entirely organic, home-made bread.

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