Riva Valdobbia

This is the only village of the valley from which it is possible to enjoy the complete view of the Rosa group.

The Saint Michael Parish Church is a priceless masterpiece, proclaimed as a national monument. The inscription on its ollare stone portal dates its construction to the year 1326.The façade is totally dominated by the extraordinary "Judgement Day”, frescoed in 1597 by Melchiorre d’Enrico.In its interior there are several works dating back to the XV and the XVIII century; also the Chapel of the Rosary, with its eighteenth century wooden altar piece and a fifteenth century triptych of the Vercelli painting school,is noteworthy.

During winter the three to ten kilometres of the cross country ski track can be enjoyed by skiers of every level, whilst the autodrome on ice "Ice Rosa Ring” offers exciting four-wheel competitions and of a school to learn to drive safely.

After the parish square, on the left towards Alagna, there is an uphill road which leads to Val Vogna, one of the wildest valleys of Valsesia. The mule tracks which starts from Saint Andrew was the ancient road towards the Aosta Valley.

Besides several walks starting from this point, in the hamlet of Rabernardo there is the Ethnographical Museum of Walser history and traditions, made of twelve rooms were the typical Walser house has been recreated.

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