Cervatto – Madonna del Balmone

Cervatto – Madonna del Balmone

TypologyPaths of art

Departure (m): 1022

Arrival (m): 1370

Difference in altitude (m): 348

Time required: 1h40m

Difficulty: easy

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

Refreshment areas: -

Signpost: 501/507

Itinerary: a route rich in examples of the piety of the population, this is a pleasant walk which is easily accessible. You start from the small square of Cervatto, dominated by the church and the town hall, and following the main road, you soon reach Cadvilli, and then the hamlets of Cadiano and Giavina respectively, from where several routes start: to the left, the path leads to Oro Negro, to Sella di Camplasco, to the mountain meadows and to Pizzo Tracciora; the central path leads to the Prati Rossi and Bassa del Cavaione; following the right-hand path sign no. 507 takes you towards Orlino, from where the path climbs up through the woods and reaches a little church from where you have a view of the whole of the valley of the Cervo. The path climbs again to Taponaccio, a meadow where in the early hours of the morning, you can see deer and chamois; from here a steep path leads to the Madonna del Balmone.

To return: the same route until the incline to Taponaccio, to then descend following the signs for no. 502 on the right, which leads to Oro delle Balme. The path crosses route no. 506. Descend until Prati Rossi and follow signs for route no. 503.

Points of interest: the church of the Madonna della Neve at Cadvilli; the oratory of San Antonio Abate at Cadiano; the oratory of the Madonna Consolata at Giavina; the small church of San Pietro and Paolo outside Orlino; the small church of San Defendente at Taponaccio; the Santuario della Madonna del Balmone; the parish church of San Rocco at Cervatto; various evidence of the piety of the population and of the architecture of the valley.