Cyclable Rice Paddies - Trail N. 1

Vercelli – Montonero – Sali – Casalrosso – Larizzate – Vercelli

Tipologia Biking among the rice fields

A pleasant ring itinerary of 25 km to discover beautiful landscapes.


Departure: Vercelli

Arrival: Vercelli

Length: 24.8 km

Time required: 2h

Recommended period: spring and autumn

Level of difficulty: easy


From the train station in Vercelli, follow the bicycle paths on Viale Garibaldi and Corso Prestinari until you leave the city, and continue on towards Biella and then towards Olcenengo. Follow the dirt roads through farmland and between rice paddies. Take the time to observe the many species of birds that have adopted the rice paddies as part of their habitat. Continuing towards Montonero, an important historical place, you will enter the town and then go towards the small village of Sali Vercellese. The path passes through the frazioneof Casalrosso, and then continues towards the town of Larizzate with the church of Maria SS. Assunta, where a document found in the church archives, dated 27 August 1493, provides the first written record of rice being cultivated in the Vercellese territory. Along the last leg of this path, dirt roads will take riders towards cultivated areas until they come to Cascina Varola. When returning to Vercelli, be very careful when crossing the Tangenziale Ovest (west ring road). Use the bike paths until you get back to your starting point.

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