Cravagliana – Sella di Camplasco

Cravagliana – Sella di Camplasco


Departure (m): 919

Arrival (m): 1369

Difference in altitude (m): 450

Time required: 1,15 hours

Difficult: facile

Signpost: n. 576

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

path begins from the hamlet of Meula, near the Church. Climb a hill and go west. After a short flight of steps and a little stream, you will reach Alpe Casinaccia. The track crosses the pasture to enter a canyon, keeping the hydrographic side on the right. Almost at its end, it moves to the western ridge, towards Alpe Grasso. Turn right, along the fields and zigzagging on the final stretch of the slope to reach the Saddle of Camplasco. From here you can take track 501 up to Pizzo Tracciora or descend to Cervatto through the wide alpine pasture of Camplasco nearby.