Cravagliana Bocchetta di Vocca

Cravagliana Bocchetta di Vocca


Departure (m): 691

Arrival (m): 892

Difference in altitude (m): 201

Time required: 1 hours

Difficult: easy

Signpost:n. 571

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

The starting point of this itinerary is the hamlet of Pianaronda, which can be reached from the road of Val Mastallone near Nosuggio, past a bridge that leads to the right bank of the stream. From the road facing the hamlet church, take the track that runs along the right bank of the brook. Cross a bridge and reach the hamlet of Roncaccio. Keep left from this point on and, once the the last few houses are behind, cross the carriage road that connects Painaronda to Ordrovago, entering the woods. Beyond a few abandoned houses, reach a promontory and continue through the woods up and down until you find a steep hollow. Further on, the path climbs up along narrow bends to Bocchetta di Vocca or Antonimi. On the opposite side itinerary 220b (20b) descends to Vocca