Civiasco – Morondo

Civiasco – Morondo


Departure (m): 716

Arrival (m): 792

Difference in altitude (m): 76

Time required: 1,15 hours

Difficult: easy

Signpost: n. 636

Outings on foot

Period advised: from spring to autumn

The path begins at the entrance of the town of Civiasco, between the parking lot and the road connecting to the hamlet of Pian della Valle. Walk along Via del Nord for about a hundred metres, then turn left and cross the cantons of Po and Peracino. Continue up to a fountain, turn left to the hamlet of Milliè where the path turns into a dirt road, up to the junction with the communal road of Pianavencia. Follow this road, then turn left till you see the firebreak on the right and after a short while reaches the Saddle of Falconera or Scarpia. Continue along the firebreak path which is almost levelled. Cross a stream and go past the alpine pastures of Pian d’Arminia and Prasalè, then cross a bridge to finally reach Morondo.